Double Glazing Staines

How does double glazing work? You can liken it to when you wear layers of clothing. Air, unlike metal or other solids, is a poor conductor of heat. Therefore when you have air trapped between layers of clothing or layers of glass, the heat doesn’t escape as easily to the outside world. As a result of using highly officiant double glazing to keep our homes warmer, and keep any heating created inside, energy loss and energy bills have also been lowered.

Double glazing became popular in the 70’s when people began to think more about being energy conscious and reducing its use. Since that time, majority of homes today have double glazing for their homes and rental properties. For twenty one years, the company of C.B Windows have been supplying the people of Staines with double glazing for all of their rooms, conversions and extensions, including conservatories. The typical lifetime of double glazing is around 20 years depending on the quality of materials used. That is why C.B Windows of Staines, uses the highest quality installation methods and craftsmanship, to ensure the best service for you, your family and your home.

As all residents of Britain, including the town of Staines, will know, we have extremely damp weather conditions, which can make for cold, damp houses that increases wear and tear on our homes and environment. Double glazing can help to make a home dryer, warmer and damp free. Double glazing on your conservatory means that the warmth of the sunlight gets in, as the glass acts like a magnifier, but it doesn’t escape so easily.

What about a reduction in sound, outside traffic and noises alike? While the town of Staines nearness to Heathrow airport is in it’s favour when it comes to commuting, or when major businesses and companies choose somewhere to set up base, it may not always appeal to the household who have to try to get used to the sound of its traffic and travellers, along with the sound of the M25. Double glazing provides an excellent way to quieten down your personal surroundings. C.B Windows of Staines, know only to well the difference double glazing can make to a home, and for that reason, it comes recommended.

Noise created from busy towns such as Staines, and city areas are not under any specific noise restriction, but it can be known that those who live in and around these areas are more likely to suffer from health problems usually related to the stress of life and stressful living conditions. For example, one study showed people who live in areas that are surrounded by busy traffic and the noise it creates, can suffer from high blood pressure.

Sound, being transmitted by waves, is less likely to travel to our ears and hearing, if we have adequate sound proofing. Double glazing can help in this regard.

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