UPVC Windows Staines

UPVC a popular, robust type of material often used in creating and applying the fitting and fixtures for windows, conservatories and doors. The UPVC installers company situated in Staines, are professional installers that can fit Aluminium windows into your property, as well as the more popular and commonly used UPVC. The family run company of C.B Windows, Staines, have been in business for 21 years, and in that time have fitted a number of different designs and styles on a number of house, in and around the town of Staines.

UPVC stands for Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is one of the worlds most widely used version of plastic. The substance Polyvinyl Chloride Polymer is used, but it must undergo a process in order to make it suitable and strong enough to be used to hold the structure of the windows and to contain the double glazed glass that ultimately makes the windows what they are. UPVC windows save energy, are kind to the environment and are easier to maintain and repair than the older choices for window frames and double glazing.

C.B windows, Staines, provide a first class installation of UPVC windows, with a professional workmanship that has been developed, tried and tested, during our services to an array of customers in and around the area of Staines, for over two decades. If you go to the website www.cb-windows.co.uk you will see examples of the work carried out by this family run business.

If you want to know how to maintain the quality of your windows on installation, or require any surface repairs on your existing UPVC windows, then feel free to ask the installers for information on general maintenance as they fit your windows. But, here are some small tips and reminders, that may prove useful.

For surface repairs such as scratches and small indentations, you can purchase kits that provide a touch up and fill the damage. For maintenance, cleaning your windows regularly, using the recommended cleaner for your windows can prevent and minimalize this kind of damage.

For structural damage, such as hinges and locks, this can be fixed by replacing the multi-lock mechanisms that are placed within the frame of the UPVC door or any in your windows. This service can be provided by any locksmith or window fitters. For, example, the multi lock system that is put into many UPVC double glazing windows, has several bolts or hooks that when aligned with your frame, fit or slot into the corresponding fitting on the door frame or the main window panel. This means that your windows locking feature does not have a weak point and is less likely to be penetrable by a burglar or vandal. Often this locking is achieved when you lift your door or window handle upwards. However, if the door is forced or rammed into place this can cause the lock to misalign, meaning no matter how hard you try, it may not lock. We hope this helps.

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