Aluminium Units Middlesex

Aluminium Units Middlesex
The Perfect Solution To Your Storage Problems

Are you looking for a purpose-built, weather-resistant, self-standing storage facility for the garden without compromising the natural aesthetic of your home? CB Windows has the answer courtesy of aluminium units Middlesex, which can make a significant improvement to your home life.

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Aluminium Units Middlesex Homeowners Adore

Let's face it; if you're looking at garden storage structures, you already know the reasons for choosing them. They provide extra storage space without needing a self-storage unit or completing an expensive home extension, allowing you to maintain the uncluttered vibe your home deserves.

Aluminium units offer a cost-effective alternative to sheds and summerhouses while we supply and install metal units of varying sizes. Some of the other advantages they hold over the more traditional timber counterparts include, but are not limited to;

Aluminium units Middlesex are considered temporary structures despite their durability.
Polyester powder coated finishes enable you to choose virtually any colour you like.
They can be equipped with an array of different secure locking systems, including self-lock.
Designs can incorporate single or double doors for easy accessibility.
The units do not require glass windows, keeping valuables out of sight and removing a hazard.

Aluminium units Middlesex can be bolted to concrete pads to provide long-term stability while keeping items outdoors also prevents bad smells entering the main home. The heavy-duty products can be used for a range of uses, meaning they'll never go to waste – even if the initial use is no longer needed.

The addition of aluminium units adds a new dimension to the garden and works wonders for your home organisation. What's not to love?!

A Simple Solution With Easy Installation

For over two decades, CB Windows has built, supplied, and installed aluminium units for homeowners across the county. Our garden storage facilities can be seen in gardens throughout Staines, Windsor, Slough, Hounslow, Richmond, Twickenham, Sunbury on Thames, and Virginia Waters.

Our agents pride themselves on working with homeowners to find the right unit for their practical requirements, as well as the aesthetics of the surroundings, to deliver the right results time and time again.

Some of the benefits of choosing our services are;

We can supply aluminium units of varying sizes, colours, and security features.
Our team are dedicated to offering clear communication before, during, and after installation.
We use the most robust aluminium and heavy duty solid cored panelling.
Our local team offers fast and affordable services that allow you to enjoy the rewards ASAP.
We can discuss other potential upgrades, such as guttering and conservatories.

Aluminium units make a lot of sense for a lot of homeowners. If your garden could benefit from this type of structure, CB Windows is the answer.

Order Your Aluminium Units Middlesex Today

Ready to transform your garden with a stylish aluminum unit? Then give us a call to order your product today. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss sizes and security features, we can discuss those elements before offer a free quote. Your dream of a more practical storage solution starts here.

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