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Soffits Middlesex Replacement & Upgrade

When homeowners consider roofing improvement and repairs, they tend to focus their attention only on the top part of the roof. However, there is more than a roofer can do to protect your property. Indeed, roof tiling is one thing, but have you considered upgrading your soffits?

What are soffits? They are one of the most underrated features of your home, despite protecting your property from countless issues. You will find your soffits typically installed under porches and the main roofing area. They serve a double purpose, improving the appearance of the roof features and protecting your rafters from weather decay. They are also an invaluable building asset to manage your energy consumption and build a comfortable and cosy interior. We, at C.B. Windows, are proud of being one of the leading companies for repair and replacement of soffits Middlesex.

C.B. Windows replace your soffits
Soffits are made of a variety of materials. Old houses can sometimes have wood soffits, which are at risk of rotting and letting the moisture through. However, our experts at C.B. Windows recommend using uPVC for British homes, as the material presents higher insulation advantages for the changing and humid weather in Middlesex. Our soffits Middlesex service, therefore, focuses on providing our clients elegant and easy-to-maintain uPVC soffits. Steel soffits using galvanised steel that is treated against corrosion can also be a suitable option. Aluminium soffits also are a popular choice in terms of cost and maintenance. As your soffits are a visible feature of your roof, ensuring they don’t need repainting or regular maintenance is a no-brainer.
We provide easy and effective soffits replacement services for our clients in Middlesex and the surrounding areas.
Upgrading your soffits in Middlesex
Just like your roof, soffits need to be replaced every 15 to 30 years, depending on the material you’ve chosen. Typically, homeowners who need to replace their soffits can keep an eye open for the signs of damages:
Visible damage to the soffits
Difficulty to keep the house warm in winter
Presence of mould patches outside or inside around the soffits
Increase of moisture in the air

It’s a good idea to replace your soffits at the same time as you get your roof fixed or upgraded.

Some of our clients also ask for an upgrade for their new soffits Middlesex:
You have repainted the façade, and the old soffits stand out.
You’re changing your guttering, fascia, or bargeboard (the whole area surrounding your soffits).
You are trying to reduce your energy consumption and are concerned that the roof area is an issue.
C.B. Windows, the partner of your home improvement
As a family-run business, we’ve been supporting our clients in the Middlesex area for over 20 years. We are proud to deliver high-quality results to our clients, whether we are providing necessary repair or replacement works, or helping through a home improvement project.
We, at C.B. Windows, put our passion for craftsmanship and high-quality designs in every one of our projects to guarantee you with the best possible results. Keeping your home feeling welcoming and beautiful is our core mission.

Call our team of experts now, 01784 460 609, to schedule your soffits Middlesex upgrade and bring your roof to the next level!

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