Double Glazing Tottenham

Double Glazing Tottenham
Modern homes are far more than just a collection of brick walls with a roof on top. Hundreds of different materials, ingredients and systems come together to make a modern building work the way it does, keeping the family safe, warm and cosy inside.
Doors and windows are integral systems to the family home, and just like the rest of the building, are much more involved than might seem at first look. Double glazing is used almost universally now in modern homes up and down the country, but however normal it might be, most people have no idea what really goes into making double glazing. Tottenham customers would be surprised to know how they work and the clever science that goes into them. Read on for a quick look at the clever world of double glazing!
So, What is Double Glazing?
Tottenham homeowners probably guess that double glazing means a window that is made out of two sheets of glass, but there is much more to double glazing than just that. Double glazing is actually a sealed unit formed from two sheets of glass that is joined together all the way around to form a sealed unit. This clever combination is known as an ‘insulate glass unit’ which is known in the industry lingo as an ‘IGU’. This double glazing unit is fitted into a frame which is usually made of uPVC, aluminium or good old fashioned wood. To improve the thermal insulation of the home, double glazing is carefully designed to keep hot air in and cool air out. The double glazing unit isn’t filled with normal atmosphere air, it is filled with an insulating gas like argon. Argon is used for double glazing because it has a thermal transfer rate 34% lower than normal air, which slows the transfer of the heat inside the room through the double glazing materials to the cooler outside air.
The kind of double glazing Tottenham homeowners love is not just great for thermal insulation, but it is also better than single glazing windows at noise reduction too. By creating a barrier of glass and argon gas, the varying densities and thickness of the materials arrest the vibration of the sound waves, stopping the roar of traffic and neighbours into the family home. So with all of these benefits, where can Tottenham customers get their top quality double glazing?
Tottenham Double Glazing
Tottenham homeowners who want the very best double glazing Tottenham has to offer should look no further than CB Windows, the premier supplier of double glazing in the area. CB Windows are a family run business who have been trading for nearly twenty years providing all of the windows, double glazing, uPVC and facia fittings that home owners in the area need.
From gutters to double glazing, Tottenham’s CB Windows have earned their reputation for great quality service through years of hard work. If you want the very best double glazing Tottenham has to offer, contact CB Windows today!

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